sand thermal regeneration plant with fluidized bed

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sand thermal regeneration plant with fluidized bed

sand thermal regeneration plant with fluidized bed

  • (PDF) Thermal regeneration of waste foundry phenolic

    Thermal regeneration of waste foundry phenolic sand in a lab scale fluidized bed Article (PDF Available) in Matéria (Rio de Janeiro) 23(1) March 2018 with 163 Reads How we measure 'reads'

  • Thermal regeneration of waste foundry phenolic sand in a ...

    Thus, the thermal regeneration in the fluidized bed results was quite satisfactory in relation to the regenera- tion efficiency. Keywords: Thermal regeneration, sand, phenolic resin, recycling.


    SIMPLEX SAND THERMAL REGENERATION. Sogemi has more than 25 years experience in thermal regeneration of sand and it is the worldwide leader in the THERMAL REGENATION plant, where Sogemi SIMPLEX PLANT is considered as the most efficient machine on the market and has been installed in the most important foundries all over the world.

  • Fluidized Bed Combustion - an overview

    Dipak K. Sarkar, in Thermal Power Plant, 2017. Fluidized-bed steam generator. Fluidized-bed combustion ensures burning of solid fuel in suspension, in a hot inert solid bed material of sand, limestone, refractory, or ash, with high heat transfer to the

  • Combined Heat and Power generation from a Stirling

    2013-6-5  fluidized bed medium and the heat exchanger is much more efficient as compared with immersion in the flue gases. Heat transfer rates between the FB and a body immersed in the sand bed are typically at least 10 times larger than those attained with a gas [3]. This reduces the required surface area and achieves a higher flux at


    2017-1-31  A fluidized bed is a sand bed through which air is blown vertically from bottom to top at a speed that keeps the individual sand particles floating. The HELIOSOLIDS® fluidized bed reactor is a so-called bubbling bed, which means that the fluidization air speed is such that the particles are not carried away with the air. The sand bed behaves ...

  • Plastic waste elimination by co-gasification with coal

    Cited by: 231
  • Fluidized sand bed (Scirocco)- thermal ... - Arena

    The SCIROCCO "suspended sand” fluidised bed is an effcient and high quality system for thermal cleaning of metal tools and machine parts, the recycling of cast iron molds or the incineration of any organic waste. The system provides very fast, safe and efficient combustion in an environmentally friendly way. ... Fluidized bed thermal cleaning ...

  • Fluidized bed Energy Environment Kuettner Group

    Fluidized bed technology has been established at Küttner for many years. The first foundry sand regeneration facilities were built in the 1990s and successfully used. The adaptation of the existing "Know How" and the handling of low calorific fuel in environmental technology led to sewage sludge incineration on a fluidized bed basis.

  • SOGEMI ENGINEERING S.R.L.: Simplex Thermal

    Sogemi started developing the thermal regeneration plant, Simplex , since the beginning of the 90's. This system has been designed after many studies and experience with the aim to have a reliable plant with high performance at the lowest operative cost with the ability to solve the problems of foundries of chemically bonded sand discharge.

  • EP0265707B1 - Method of and device for thermo

    An arrangement for the thermomechanical regeneration of bulk goods, especially of used foundry sand, in which the used sand to be regenerated is heated in a fluidized bed furnace to a temperature in excess of 750°C, characterised in that the fluidized bed furnace (8) is equipped with a controlled delivery device, which transports the bulk ...


    2016-6-10  − thermal treatment (usually in a fluidized bed) − Wet scrubbing. Sands bonded with cold-setting resins may be regenerated using simple treatment techniques, due to the fragility of the binder layer. Mechanical regeneration systems (e.g. fluidized bed systems) are based on

  • Fluidized Bed Combustion Types and Advantages

    2020-4-2  In fluidized bed combustion, rapid mixing ensures uniformity of temperature. The main advantage of fluidized bed combustion system is that municipal waste, sewage plant sludge, biomass, agricultural waste and other high moisture fuels can be used for heat generation. A fluidized furnace has an enclosed space with a base having openings to admit ...

  • The Development of a Fluidized-Bed Technique for

    The study was directed toward the development of a fluidized—bed regeneration technique. Two fluidized—bed systems were considered during the course of the investigation: a system in which the dried spent carbon was regenerated during its passage through a fluidized bed of an inert material; and a pulsating fluidized—bed system in which ...

  • Biomass Pyrolysis in a Fluidized Bed Reactor. Part 2 ...

    2019-5-26  Integrated Particle- and Reactor-Scale Simulation of Pine Pyrolysis in a Fluidized Bed. Energy Fuels ... Role of Pretreatments in the Thermal Runaway of Hazelnut Shell Pyrolysis. ... Production of bio-oil from rice straw and bamboo sawdust under various reaction conditions in a fast pyrolysis plant equipped with a fluidized bed and a char ...

  • Technology Overview: Circulating Fluidized-Bed

    Tan silica pebbles are used as the material in the dense fluidized bed while fine speculite, limestone, and a rounded sand were originally tried as the entrained fluidized-bed material. Sand is now used initially in the entrained bed and is gradually replaced by accumulated spent limestone.

  • Webac - Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH: Sand

    When the coating process in the mixer has finished, the sand is discharged and fed on to the gyra screen. The remaining sand lumps are broken down to sand grain size and the sand is conveyed into the fluidized bed cooler. The fluidized bed cooler cools the sand to storing temperature. If required, it

  • Process for the mechanical cleaning of foundry used

    The cleaning container 2 contains a not shown shutoff device, which opens or closes the line 17. From the line 17 the precleaned used sand passes into an intermediate container 8 and is supplied by means of a vibrating conveyor 9 to a fluidized bed furnace 10, in which the used sand undergoes thermal regeneration.

  • Process and apparatus for reclaiming foundry scrap

    In a process for reclaiming foundry scrap sand, containing organic and inorganic binders, the comminuted foundry sand is precleaned in a dry state by allowing it to impinge and/or by grain-against-grain friction, is regenerated by thermal treatment, and is subsequently subjected to a final cleaning in the dry state, separated slurry materials being separated from the regenerate by a gas stream.

  • Olivine or Dolomite as In-Bed Additive in Biomass ...

    2019-5-26  The raw gas from a fluidized-bed biomass gasifier should have very low tar, ammonia, and particulates content, to make it easy to clean for its eventual use in gas engines or gas turbines. Besides an optimized design and operation of the gasifier, it requires the use of in-bed catalytic additives. Four available and competitive additives have been compared in this work: a calcined dolomite ...

  • Olivine or Dolomite as In-Bed Additive in Biomass ...

    2019-5-26  The raw gas from a fluidized-bed biomass gasifier should have very low tar, ammonia, and particulates content, to make it easy to clean for its eventual use in gas engines or gas turbines. Besides an optimized design and operation of the gasifier, it requires the use of in-bed catalytic additives. Four available and competitive additives have been compared in this work: a calcined dolomite ...

  • Fata Aluminum: recent achievements - Tupy foundry

    Fata Aluminum, specialized in the design and construction of machinery for gravity casting of aluminum alloy castings and plant regeneration of the sand used in foundry, has recently received an order from Tupy, for the supply of a plant for the thermal - mechanical regeneration of green sand used by the foundry at its Mexican plant in Saltillo.

  • Fluidized bed combustion - COALspot

    2017-4-18  FLUIDIZED BED COMBUSTION Fluidized bed combustion (FBC) is a combustion technology used in power plants. FBC plants are more flexible than conventional plants in that they can be fired on coal and biomass, among other fuels.

  • Arvia污水处理实验报告_百度文库

    Thermal regeneration is 3 widely used; however this has large financial and energy costs as well as being performed off site with material losses of up to 10% 6 . The logical alternative to thermal regeneration is electrochemical regeneration as it is a commercially

  • Two-stage steam gasification of waste biomass in fluidized ...

    2015-11-3  It has been previously described in detail in Xiao et al. (2010). The ?uidized bed reactor, with total height of 530 mm and diameter of 53.5 mm, is divided into two stages: the primary pyrolysis ?uidized bed using silica sand as bed material and the secondary tar

  • Energies Free Full-Text Fluidized Bed Gasification as ...

    Biomass is the oldest fuel known by mankind and has been used for thousands of years for cooking and heating purposes. Fossil fuels were also known, for example coal was used by the Chinese probably as early as 1000 B.C., and by the Romans prior to A.D. 400 [], however the first biblical references that indicate its use are approximately from the 13 th century onwards [].

  • Incineration of Municipal Sewage Sludge in a

    2014-6-19  In the present study reduction of nitrogen oxides using reburning technology, during combustion of sewage sludge (fuel I) and the mixture of sewage sludge, wasted bleaching earth and CaO (fuel II), was carried out. The experimental works were conducted in a laboratory-scale fluidized bed reactor (power up to 10 kW) with application of two types of beds: chemically inert bed (sand) and ...

  • Aquarium filter - Wikipedia

    2020-3-6  The fluidized bed filter (FBF) is a biological reactor only. The principle is to direct water through a sand (or similar media) bed from below so that the sand becomes fluidized – behaves like a fluid. This mechanism is seen in liquefaction, quick sand, and industrial processes including municipal sewage treatment.


    2012-5-14  PYROLYSIS OF MIXED PLASTICS IN THE FLUIDIZED BED USING HARD BURNT LIME AS BED MATERIAL Shotaro Matsumoto, Guido Grause, Tomohito Kameda, Toshiaki Yoshioka* ... case of HBL was used in place of sand as bed material in N2 atmosphere at 600 °C ... the HBL that remained in the bed did not show any changes due to the regeneration of CaCO3 after the ...

  • Calcinator (Thermal Process) - XCEED JAPAN

    2019-7-11  Charged sand is mixed intensively with burnt sand in the fluidized bed and calcinated rapidly. At the same time, the flammables in the return sand is heated and burned mainly by the sensible heat of the burnt sand in the furnace, generating high heat energy.